Robert Jones at Godrevey Lighthouse

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Fish Paintings
Hens and Cockerel

Robert Jones | Biography

Born in Cornwall in 1947 Robert Jones studied fine art at the Falmouth School of Art. Prior to becoming a full time artist Robert was a fisherman. He owned his own boat and for a number of years he fished the inshore waters of his native Cornwall. It was during this time that Robert's love of the sea developed and now as a mature painter it is the theme to which he is constantly drawn.

Artist Statement

I have two distinctly different ways of working. The first method is working on the spot, usually outside in the elements making paintings of what I see. I think the paintings which result have a spontaneity which comes from trying to capture something quickly before it changes. Usually the paintings are small but I have worked on larger pieces outside, up to A1. My other method of working is in my studio where paintings are built up, usually over a period of time, working on the image, moving things around, making alterations. Sometimes I am working on several paintings at once, doing a little bit to each over many days. The smaller paintings are usually completed within a week. The larger paintings can go on for many weeks. Sometimes paintings will be left, put away for sometimes years, before they are taken out and worked on again and eventually resolved."
Robert Jones

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