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Joanne Williams | Biography

Joanne Williams received an MFA degree in Painting from George Washington University and Corcoran Art School, Washington, DC. As a painter, she has been awarded 15 commendations by such jurors as Lowery Sims, Curator 20th Century Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC and Andrew Forge, Dean of Yale University School of Art.

Eighteen years ago she began working in mixed media. Her work is in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design, NYC, Seattle University School of Law and in 20 corporate and many private collections. Currently her work may be found in galleries across the United States.

Artist Statement

“My artwork is as much invisible as it is apparent to the eye. Figures gaze at sights unknown, landscapes dissolve into the abstraction of shapes over imperceptible boundaries, and color, more vivid and surreal than sunset or irridescence, animates scenes composed at once of the mystical and the natural. The ethereal and stylized cast of the worlds I create act in familiar ways; they row boats, ride horses, touch one another and stand quietly. Yet these activities, far from seeming mundane, guide us as vestiges of mythical experience.
My aesthetic, I hope, illuminates a plane of existence visible nowhere else except in the portals of my paintings and collages. It is the summation of a long and intricate process of refinement.”

Joanne Williams

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