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Christie Scheele | Biography

A mid-career, full time artist, Christie Scheele has been painting devotedly since receiving her BFA, and started painting her atmospheric, minimalist landscapes just before moving to the Catskills from New York City a decade later. These meditative pieces cross the boundaries between realism and the contemporary art world, reaching the viewer’s heart without sentimentality or melodrama. Some of her signature imagery comes from the beaches and marshes of the Cape and Islands; the mountains, creeks and fields of the Catskills region; the Hudson River; urban and industrial views; and the roadways and bridge-crossings that connect all of these places.
The artist teaches summer workshops at the Artists Association of Nantucket, and did a residency there, exploring island imagery, in the winter of 2017.
Scheele’s work has been collected nationally and internationally through galleries in the Hudson Valley; New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Vermont, Portland, OR and Cape Cod. These collections include the Queens Museum, the Dorsky Museum, the Tyler Museum of Art, the Provincetown Artists Association and Museum, American Airlines, Waterford Crystal, Kelsey Grammer, Howard Greenberg, James Gleich, and Mark Ruffulo. Her work was featured in the films “Broken Flowers” and “Perfect Strangers”, and has been extensively profiled and reviewed.

“One can see the abstract in her elegant simplification of form and color. The narrative is implied. One has the sense that each of her scenes formed the backdrop for past events that continue to resonate in the lingering mood of stillness and pregnant silence.”
Putnam County News and Recorder

Artist Statement

With the right atmospherics, anything and everything can reflect a powerful beauty---from smokestacks or headlights on a road to a glorious summer day. Working in a terrain between the descriptive and the abstract, I explore both mood and shape, color, and surface.
Christie Scheele

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